Why the Kite for a logo?

 Other than the fact that even from my youth I have loved kites, they have a lot in common with the real estate market today.  Let’s take a look at a few examples:

A kite will only fly with the wind.  
If you’re going to fly a kite, you must take a close look at the wind direction and speed.  In real estate, the market changes, so a close look at the market really does matter.  Does the market’s direction fit your sales goals?  You have to know and plan for a market that is declining as well as a market that is increasing in value. 

Kite flying is not an easy task. 
It takes experience and determination to be successful.  In real
estate, without skill and commitment, success never gets off the ground.

If the conditions are right, many people will also try to fly their kites. 
In real estate, you have to make a way to have your property (your home) rise above the rest and not get tangled with other homes on the market.  Being in a crowded market requires care and attention in marketing and gauging the competition. 

The environment around you matters. 
When you fly a kite, you need to scout the area - look for powerlines, tall trees, the ground you’re standing on, and the airspace you plan to operate within.  As you examine the local market your home is in; are there factors that need to be considered?  What is in the neighborhood or surrounding area that might positively or negatively impact the sale of your home?  These are critical things to examine in the real estate market today.

Flying a kite is supposed to be fun and challenging. 
Selling your home does not have to be a horrible experience.  Having Peet Realty as your partner will help smooth out the process even when the market shifts, competition appears, and the environment gets confusing and sometimes frustrating.


That’s why the kite makes a tremendous
real estate symbol for Peet Realty.